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Winter Games

Ski Slalom
Ski with arrows. Pass through the gates, but be careful not to miss a gate as it adds 5 seconds on your time.

Speed Skating
Press X repeatedly to accelerate. Slowly round the corners and speed up on the straight to win.

Ski with arrows. Reach maximum speed by crouching with Z. Biathlon
Ski with arrows and crouch with Z to increase speed. Shoot with X and aim with the arrows, but don’t forget that you only have 5 shots available.

Ski Jump
Press X repeatedly to get maximum take off speed, Whilst in air use the arrow keys to keep the marker in the green centre to maintain your balance.

Downhill Ski
Ski with arrows. Reach maximum speed by crouching with Z.

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Compete in various Winter game events and win as many medals as you can!

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