Stop Trump spielen

Stop Trump

Stop Trump from entering the UK. Or, play as Donald Trump and make sure only your supporters get in.

ObamaDefense spielen

Obama Alien Defense

President Obama defends the world from an alien invasion!

Prez Paintball spielen

Presidential Paintball

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fight it out for the Presidency!

Dancing Bush spielen

Dancing Bush

Make Bush dance the night away!

RoyalRampage spielen

Bush Royal Rampage

Save London town from the terrorists bent on its destruction.

Dancing Pa spielen

Dancing Palin

Check out Palin's moves!

Kerry Workout spielen

Kerry Workout

Help Kerry into shape with some advanced aerobics.

Dancing Hillar spielen

Dancing Hillary

Check out Hillary's moves!

Dancing Blair spielen

Dancing Blair

Make Tony Blair dance like you have never seen him before.

Street Fight spielen

Street Fight

Obama and Hillary fight it out in hand-to-hand combat.

Bush Shoot spielen

Bush Shoot-Out

Make sure that Bush and Condoleezza get out of the White House!

Blair The Moti spielen

Blair The Motivator

Can you help Tony motivate the party into shape?

Bush Aerob spielen

Bush Aerobics

Help President Bush get fit and ready for his day.

United We Danc spielen

United We Dance

You control Britney & Bush as they hit the dance floor!



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