Commando 2

Our Hero continues the battle with more missions, more enemies and bigger artillery.

Rail Rush

Grab gold nuggets!
On Miniclip, iPhone & Android


MiniRoyale is a browser FPS with battle royale gameplay!

Short Ride

It's a Short Life! With so many dumb ways to die!


Make your way through the adrenaline fuelled levels in this dynamic futuristic shooter.

Stealth Sniper 2

Headshot! Take out the bad guys, stealth-style!

Free Running 2

Defy gravity and risk virtual life and limb!

War In Space

Build your starship to defend your team's base and fight the War In Space against players from across the galaxy!

Motocross Nitro

Challenging motocross racing at its best!

Commando 3

Can Commando free the world from the looming threat of world war 3?

Commando: Rush

Commando is back! Rank up to unlock awesome weapons and all new quick fire missions.

Bike Rivals

Show off your speed and clever use of physics!

BMX Freestyle

Show off your best BMX freestyle tricks before time runs out!

Ninja Force

Use your ninja skills to take out everyone in your way.


Bandits have taken over and it is your job to sort it out.


Knock knights from their horses in a jousting tournament.

Swing Copters

Flying with a propeller hat is not as easy as it looks.

Drift Trike

Drift downhill and speed past the other trikes!

Zero Gravity

Blast robotic enemies, reach the teleporters and save Earth!

Diablo Valley Rally

No-holds-barred rally racing for speed demons!

Saloon Brawl 2

Join the Wild West brawl and be the last one standing!

Total Wreckage

Crash your way through a demolition derby!

Rail Rush Worlds

Race through the mines at breakneck speeds!

Assault Course 2

Assault Course 2 is serious about teaching you the basics.

Agent Freeride

Escape the criminal headquarters using hi-tech gadgets.

Western Front 1914

Complete action-packed missions on the Western Front!

Guns Of Anarchy

Devastate your enemies in Guns of Anarchy!

River Assault

Shoot until the militia has been destroyed in this intense battle on the river.

Black Sun

Engage in an epic space battle against galactic pirates!

Saloon Brawl

Join in the saloon brawl and knock out the other cowboys!

Free Running

Jump, grab and climb walls in this funky free-running game.

Zombie Big Trouble

Zombies are everywhere. Make your way to the chopper and get out of here!

After Sunset

Protect the town from the zombies with your meat cleaver!

Zombie Trapper 2

Trap, shoot, beat and blow up zombies in Zombie Trapper 2!


Use your sword and defeat all the stickmen attacking you.


Survive this crazy house full of evil, dangerous and clever zombies. Escape the damned house of Zombality!

Robo Rampage

Pick up massive guns as you pile up defeated robots in your mission to build the tallest Kill Hill.

Hong Kong Ninja

Use your ninja skills to defeat the criminals!

Monster Island

Fight Monsters on the island. Also available on iPhone!

Jack Lantern

Take on the evil creatures of the night.

River Raider

Your mission is to attack the enemy bases. Use the rivers to your advantage!

Super Robot War

Help the robot hero to win the war against the evil robots!

Base Jumper

Three, two, one...Jump! Get to the bottom in the quickest possible time.

Dale and Peakot

Help Dale get his chickens back from the coyotes!

Tank Attack 3D

Sabotage their defense and destroy the enemy!

Dino Strike

Defend the streets and free the bionic dinosaurs!

Egyptian Tale

Help the Egyptian princess take the throne and get her revenge.

Zombie Breach

Don't let the zombies breach your defenses!

Knight Age 2

Battle all the knights in the kingdom.

Obama Alien Defense

President Obama defends the world from an alien invasion!

Skyward Ninja

A true ninja never hides, they aim for the sky!

Minecart Madness

How far can you get in this mad minecart game?

Canyon Defense 2

You must defend your village with advanced war equipment!

Cab Driver

Pick up passengers and follow the arrow to their destination.

Outpost Swarm

Annihilate the alien infestation before it’s too late!

Commando Defense

Our hero is on the defensive, take control of Commando's towers!

Evil Darkness

Use magic to defeat the evil darkness.

Commando Assault

Commando joins forces with his Allies to hold off the waves of enemies!

Delta Force

Disable the threat to the world in this action packed FPS game.


Bring home the Bacon, Hambo!

Canyon Shooter 2

Fight enemies in the much awaited sequel to Canyon Shooter.

Crash Car Combat

Destroy all opponents within the time limit!

Joe Destructo

Help Joe to tear down buildings and evict the criminals.

Monster Trucks Nitro 2

Do crazy stunts and jumps, and use the Nitro for an extra boost!

Panik in Chocoland

Guide Panik through the factory collecting all the bombs.

Police Pursuit

Patrol the town and pursue the criminals before the time's up.

Robo Pop

Use your bionic arm to protect your robot from troublesome bubbles.


Race your Skyboard over the city rooftops, pulling extreme stunts.

Trials 2

Navigate the obstacles in the quickest time possible!

Wakeboard Pro

Ride the waves and show off your wakeboarding skills!


Pick your fighter and battle all the way to the top!

Monkey Lander

Collect all the bananas and land safely before your fuel runs out.

Monster Trucks Nitro

Drive massive Monster trucks over crazy cool tracks


The scene is World War II. Help to win the war with individual battles.

Run N Gun

The missions of your H.A.D.E is to destroy all threatening life forms!

Zombie Defense Agency

Defend against the Zombies migrating into your town!


Learn how to fight like a true Gladiator!

Motocross Urban Fever

Perform awesome stunts and race your motorcycle to victory.

Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge

Take part in the Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge and soak top celebrities with ice cold water!

On The Run

Take the wheel and make your getaway! The cops are on your tail - get to the next checkpoint before time runs out!

Beast Quest

Only your skill and bravery can bring peace to the Kingdom of Avantia - it’s time to become a hero in BEAST QUEST!

Dragon Attack

Free the people of Asheton with the help of your loyal dragon!

Euro Soccer Forever

Show off your free kick skills in Euro Soccer Forever!

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The Official Web game of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games!

In you must conquer as much land as possible and try to become biggest of all!

Tanx is multiplayer tank battling like no other!

The latest multi-player .io sensation, can you become King of the Arena?

Новое! - Boost fast, race hard in 60 seconds ... High-speed drag car racing with loot rewards & customizable cars!


Gold Digger FRVR

Who knows what can you find in the depths of a gold mine?


Crowdy City

Own the City with your Friends! Convert civilians to your crowd, eat up smaller crowds than you and avoid the bigger ones! Its a Crowdy Crowd City!


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