Play MonsterIsland Monster Island

Fight Monsters on the island. Also available on iPhone!

464,830 Challenge
Play Zombie Stalker Zombie Stalker

You must defend yourself against the hungry Zombies.

28,560 Challenge
Play Mushroom Mushroom Madness

This is madness! Protect your mushrooms!

144,950 Challenge
Play JoeDestructo Joe Destructo

Help Joe to tear down buildings and evict the criminals.

3,857 Challenge
Play Pixel Cricket Pixel Cricket

Lead your country through various challenges in the Pixel Cricket Cup!

58,800 Challenge
Play Ninja Painter Ninja Painter

Paint the city of Megapolis ninja-style!

16,400 Challenge
Play Fireworks Fireworks

Start the New Year off with a bang!

290 Challenge
Play Stunt Crazy Stunt Crazy

Do crazy stunts to cause massive destruction!

22,121,527 Challenge
Play Hot Air Hot Air

Guide the hot air balloon around 25 levels.

3,580 Challenge
Play Triathlon Extreme Triathlon

Compete in running, swimming and cycling in Triathlon!

7,305 Challenge
Play Snow Tricks Big Snow Tricks

Do amazing snowboard and ski tricks in the air!

411 Challenge
Play 5 Minute S 5 Minute Shoot em Up

Survive as long as you can in this 5 minute shoot 'em up!

5,504,100 Challenge
Play AssaultCourse Assault Course

It's not easy being the new recruit.

33,640 Challenge
Play Cave of Des Cave of Despair

Help Dr Carter beat the Lava and swing his way to safety.

2,264 Challenge
Play Dino Run
Dino Run

Run for your life and escape the oncoming wall of doom!

14,075 Challenge
Play UFO Joe UFO Joe

Collect mysterious creatures for the alien zoo!

29,270 Challenge
Play Stunt Dive Stunt Dive

Pull off some daring stunt diving jumps!

723 Challenge
Play Free Running Free Running

Jump, grab and climb walls in this funky free-running game.

59,712 Challenge
Play 8 Ball QFP 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

Pocket as many pool balls as you can before the time runs out!

7,900 Challenge
Play Cricket2011 World Cricket 2011

Will you be able stand tall or fall amongst the cricket legends?

4,275 Challenge
Play Monkey Kick Monkey Kick Off

Kick the ball as far as you can!

4,645 Challenge
Play Free Bike Miniclip Free Bike

Show off your freestyle moves while you take your bike airborne!

24,243 Challenge
Play Street Fight Street Fight

Obama and Hillary fight it out in hand-to-hand combat.

49,100 Challenge


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