Play NuclearZombie Nuclear Zombie 2000

Shoot at all the zombies that gets in your way of shutting down the nuclear plant.

273 Challenge
Play Moby Dick 2 Moby Dick 2

Eat everything! Now with Platinum award.

6,100 Challenge
Play Commando 3 Commando 3

Can Commando free the world from the looming threat of world war 3?

1,786,870 Challenge
Play Saloon Brawl Saloon Brawl

Join in the saloon brawl and knock out the other cowboys!

14,248 Challenge
Play Feed Me Feed Me

Get through the greenhouse avoiding the thorns and insects.

2,726 Challenge
Play Runner 2 Flood Runner 2

Beat the approaching flood, jump and use the glide over any unsafe gaps!

406,398 Challenge
Play Cave of Des Cave of Despair

Help Dr Carter beat the Lava and swing his way to safety.

436 Challenge
Play Mr Men Pinball Mr Men Pinball

Activate multiple targets for bonus points in Mr Bump Pinball!

37,170 Challenge
Play Candy n Clyde Candy and Clyde

Are you naughty or nice? The choice is yours.

160 Challenge
Play Tooth N Claw Tooth N Claw

Rescue all the stolen cats and dogs!

44,500 Challenge
Play Rival Rage Rival Rage

Use special attacks & combos on your opponent to put the quarreling to rest!

30,490 Challenge
Play Dino Run
Dino Run

Run for your life and escape the oncoming wall of doom!

7,460 Challenge
Play AssaultCourse Assault Course

It's not easy being the new recruit.

20,115 Challenge
Play Police Pursuit Police Pursuit

Patrol the town and pursue the criminals before the time's up.

8,200 Challenge
Play Ninja Painter Ninja Painter

Paint the city of Megapolis ninja-style!

50,980 Challenge
Play Rodeo Rideoff Rodeo Ride-off

Only the masters of balance can tame the wild bull!

353 Challenge
Play Alien Disorder Alien Disorder

You have been sent to clean up the alien vermin!

15,588 Challenge
Play Asgard Asgard

Fight the angry vikings and find the egg of Huginn and Muninn.

520 Challenge
Play Leo Steel Leo Steel

Collect the gold and the bonus lives, whilst avoiding the traps.

1,530 Challenge
Play Gladiators Gladiators

Learn how to fight like a true Gladiator!

133,000 Challenge
Play Red Code 3 Red Code 3

Eradicate this infested planet of all that walks its polluted surface.

310,078 Challenge
Play Zombie TD Zombie Defense Agency

Defend against the Zombies migrating into your town!

4,731 Challenge
Play Crazy Go N Crazy Go Nuts 2

Go crazy for nuts!

1,081,200 Challenge


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