Play Snowboard Fancy Snowboarding

Fancy Pants Man returns with a unique snowboarding adventure!

14166 Challenge
Play Zombie Dolls Zombie Dolls

Stand your ground and defeat the incoming waves of Zombie Dolls.

195,530 Challenge
Play Flash Tennis Flash Tennis

Become the tennis champion!

1,000 Challenge
Play Ice Bucket Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge

Take part in the Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge and soak top celebrities with ice cold water!

9 Challenge
Play Road of Fury Road Of Fury

Form a convoy, race down the road and fight off bandits!

7,596 Challenge
Play Ninja Painter Ninja Painter

Paint the city of Megapolis ninja-style!

49,700 Challenge
Play MonsterIsland Monster Island

Fight Monsters on the island. Also available on iPhone!

1,057,109 Challenge
Play Go Santa Go Go Santa Go

Help Santa get ready for his big Christmas delivery.

50 Challenge
Play Mummies Shadows of Mummies

Enter the tomb, defeat all the mummies and rescue your girlfriend!

2,290 Challenge
Play Wait 4 Me Wait 4 Me

Run for your life, collect food and avoid the falling comets.

1,600 Challenge
Play Asteroid R Asteroid Rush

Blast your way through this unpredictable Asteroid Belt.

285,750 Challenge
Play Freezeria Papas Freezeria

Serve up the best Freezer treats around!

3,158 Challenge
Play Taco Mia Papas Taco Mia

Serve delicious tacos to all your customers!

9,143 Challenge
Play PapasBurgeria Papas Burgeria

Cook, stack and serve burgers to all your customers!

989 Challenge
Play Rail Rush Rail Rush

Grab gold nuggets!
On Miniclip, iPhone & Android

4,139 Challenge
Play Age of Speed2 Age of Speed 2

Master the futuristic race tracks in Space as you tackle crazy loop the loops!

97,570 Challenge
Play Cricket Cricket Defend the Wicket!

10 wickets, 10 overs, hit as many runs as you can!

48 Challenge
Play 9 Ball QFP 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool

Pocket as many pool balls as you can before the time runs out!

78,400 Challenge
Play After Sunset After Sunset

Protect the town from the zombies with your meat cleaver!

86,460 Challenge
Play Transformers Transformers Beast Hunters

The Beasts are coming. A new war for earth begins.

4,300 Challenge
Play Stunt Pilot Stunt Pilot

Be the best Stunt Pilot and complete all the courses without crashing!

965 Challenge
Play Destruct Shark Destructo Shark

Cause as much destruction as possible!

203,815 Challenge
Play ForestTemple Forest Temple

Collect all the diamonds and get each character to the door!

4,296 Challenge


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