Play Balance Balance

Grab your racquet and head to the courts. How long can you last?

5225 Challenge
Play Rail Rush Rail Rush

Grab gold nuggets!
On Miniclip, iPhone & Android

2,707 Challenge
Play Bug On A W Bug On A Wire

Can you guide your bug safely home and avoid getting eaten?

2,478 Challenge
Play Twisted City Twisted City

Use your Twisted launcher to fling goo as far as you can!

15,292 Challenge
Play Snap n Spooky Snap n Spooky

Find matching cards to release the ghosts as fast as you can!

44247 Challenge
Play Pipe Riders Pipe Riders

Ride your bike at top speed down the pipe!

200 Challenge
Play Calamari Calamari

Attempt to collect as many coins to achieve the highest score possible.

365 Challenge
Play Dream Racer Dream Racer

Race through this hazy dream world before the time is up.

13,000 Challenge
Play Pebble Dash Pebble Dash

Throw the pebble as far as you can!

9,890 Challenge
Play Icy Fishes Icy Fishes

Create great chain reactions for the ultimate score!

194,805 Challenge
Play Fly Guy Fly Guy

Fly the skies and see how far you can go.

9,592 Challenge
Play Ping Pong Ping Pong

Bounce the ball as many times as you can. How long can you go?

24 Challenge
Play Candy Magic Candy Magic

Unleash powerful magic and fight enemies!

1,300 Challenge
Play Up Beat Up Beat

Keep the rhythm and rock the party!

40,489 Challenge
Play Avalanche Avalanche

Escape the advancing avalanche!

7,600 Challenge
Play Polar Jump Polar Jump

Click on the Polar Bear to make him jump as high as possible.

1,361 Challenge
Play Candy n Clyde Candy and Clyde

Are you naughty or nice? The choice is yours.

221 Challenge
Play Shift 2 Shift 2

Examine the phenomenon of "shifting".

125 Challenge
Play Runner 2 Flood Runner 2

Beat the approaching flood, jump and use the glide over any unsafe gaps!

122,881 Challenge
Play Doeo Doeo

Touch all of the Doeos quickly as you can.

41,570 Challenge
Play Skyward N Skyward Ninja

A true ninja never hides, they aim for the sky!

3,730 Challenge
Play Ninja Painter Ninja Painter

Paint the city of Megapolis ninja-style!

44,570 Challenge


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