Play Big Jump Big Jump Challenge

Grab as much air as you can, pull off tricks and land it!

86 Challenge
Play Winter Bow Winter Bow Master

Hit all targets before the time runs out!

42,240 Challenge
Play Free Running Free Running

Jump, grab and climb walls in this funky free-running game.

29,344 Challenge
Play Granny Strike Granny Strikes Back

Don't mess with this Granny, she strikes back!

2,180,000 Challenge
Play Xmas Mayhem Christmas Mayhem

Help deliver the presents for Christmas!

6,856 Challenge
Play Xmas Balls Christmas Balls

Shoot all the Christmas Balls!

110,310 Challenge
Play Alphattack Alphattack

Can you save the planet from the alpha bombs?

4,160 Challenge
Play ReindeerBounce Reindeer Bounce

Bounce all the reindeer back to safety!

17,127 Challenge
Play London 2012 London 2012 Olympic Games

Make your nation proud in this Summer's London 2012 Olympics game!

39,998 Challenge
Play Catapult Catapult

Fly as far as possible with the catapult.

1,417,533 Challenge
Play Mister Easter Mister Easter

Use your handy trampoline to get as many eggs into the egg baskets.

1,011 Challenge
Play Free Bike Miniclip Free Bike

Show off your freestyle moves while you take your bike airborne!

22,268 Challenge
Play Classroom P Classroom Pilot

Design your paper plane and aim for the blackboard!

9940 Challenge
Play Wave Jumper Wave Jumper

Set your height and your speed to make your wave jumper fly as far as he can!

3,477 Challenge
Play Monkey Kick Monkey Kick Off

Kick the ball as far as you can!

4,691 Challenge
Play Stunt Dive Stunt Dive

Pull off some daring stunt diving jumps!

962 Challenge
Play Go Santa Go Go Santa Go

Help Santa get ready for his big Christmas delivery.

1,080 Challenge
Play Gripz Globe Gripz Globe Skater

Draw your own skate course and ride the world with Gripz Globe Skater!

34,398,000 Challenge
Play China 2008 China 2008

Go for gold and compete in various Track & Field events!

43,433 Challenge
Play Balance Balance

Grab your racquet and head to the courts. How long can you last?

594558 Challenge
Play DecaJump DecaJump

Use balloons to bounce, Time Machines to change characters and collect the coins and bonuses.

201,675 Challenge


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