Play Calamari Calamari

Attempt to collect as many coins to achieve the highest score possible.

395 Challenge
Play Skyward N Skyward Ninja

A true ninja never hides, they aim for the sky!

1,900 Challenge
Play Snake Squad Snake Squad

Survive in the battlefield as long as you can.

540 Challenge
Play Overhaul Overhaul

Place modules to create a defense to protect the mining station.

31,370 Challenge
Play Kamikaze Pig Kamikaze Pigs

The pigs are at war!

3,389 Challenge
Play Xmas Balls Christmas Balls

Shoot all the Christmas Balls!

292,180 Challenge
Play Cart Madness Minecart Madness

How far can you get in this mad minecart game?

4,290 Challenge
Play NinjaPainter2 Ninja Painter 2

Return to paint like a ninja!

226,450 Challenge
Play Ninja Painter Ninja Painter

Paint the city of Megapolis ninja-style!

45,880 Challenge
Play Adventures Adventures of Bloo

Mix and match the colors of Bloo!

23,200 Challenge
Play Digital Switch Digital Switch

Switches the bots around to collect the colored coins.

2,220 Challenge
Play Square Meal Square Meal

Clear each level of enemies and escape the dungeon!

7,300 Challenge
Play Nano Recon Nano Recon

Guide Nano through the maze without hitting the walls.

5,250 Challenge
Play Pro Football Pro Football

How many touchdowns can you score?

501 Challenge
Play Zom Breach Zombie Breach

Don't let the zombies breach your defenses!

4,198 Challenge
Play Monkey Kick Monkey Kick Off

Kick the ball as far as you can!

4,543 Challenge
Play Bug On A W Bug On A Wire

Can you guide your bug safely home and avoid getting eaten?

5,861 Challenge
Play Kiwi Tiki Kiwi Tiki

Catch as many flowers as you can!

48,930 Challenge
Play Love's Arrow Love's Arrow

Take aim with Cupids arrow and shoot down the lonely hearts club.

4,890 Challenge
Play Snow Drift Snow Drift

Take control of Yeti and knock out monsters with your ice slide!

1,580 Challenge
Play Fat Cat Fat Cat

Get the Cat safely through the levels.

182,300 Challenge
Play 9 Ball QFP 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool

Pocket as many pool balls as you can before the time runs out!

104,200 Challenge
Play Mister Easter Mister Easter

Use your handy trampoline to get as many eggs into the egg baskets.

74 Challenge


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