Play Ping Pong Ping Pong

Bounce the ball as many times as you can. How long can you go?

48 Challenge
Play Icy Fishes Icy Fishes

Create great chain reactions for the ultimate score!

319,305 Challenge
Play Ghosts Stole Ghosts Stole My Dog

Improvise a ghost-busting gun out of your trusty vacuum cleaner and save the day!

25,110 Challenge
Play GoKart Nitro GoKartGo! Nitro!

Collect all the stars and unlock all tracks!

245,790 Challenge
Play Numbskull Numbskull

Solve the puzzles and get the skull safely back to his body.

22,960 Challenge
Play Snap n Spooky Snap n Spooky

Find matching cards to release the ghosts as fast as you can!

45200 Challenge
Play Stunt Dive Stunt Dive

Pull off some daring stunt diving jumps!

386 Challenge
Play Ninja Pig Ninja Pig

Ninja reflexes are needed in this game. Make the pig grow!

27,342 Challenge
Play Pest Control Pest Control

Use the fly swatter to get rid of all the bugs!

16,655 Challenge
Play London 2012 London 2012 Olympic Games

Make your nation proud in this Summer's London 2012 Olympics game!

31,791 Challenge
Play Basketball Urban Basketball

Show us your moves!

13,100 Challenge
Play Rugby 2011 World Rugby 2011

Become the champion of World Rugby! Dodge, jump, tackle and pass your way to victory!

130,294 Challenge
Play Doeo Doeo

Touch all of the Doeos quickly as you can.

34,020 Challenge
Play Monkey Kick Monkey Kick Off

Kick the ball as far as you can!

4,658 Challenge
Play Base Jumper Base Jumper

Three, two, one...Jump! Get to the bottom in the quickest possible time.

11,900 Challenge
Play AssaultCourse Assault Course

It's not easy being the new recruit.

26,565 Challenge
Play Canyon Def 2 Canyon Defense 2

You must defend your village with advanced war equipment!

702 Challenge
Play Pixel Cricket Pixel Cricket

Lead your country through various challenges in the Pixel Cricket Cup!

23,400 Challenge
Play Winter Bow Winter Bow Master

Hit all targets before the time runs out!

85,720 Challenge
Play Rail Rush Rail Rush

Grab gold nuggets!
On Miniclip, iPhone & Android

2,098 Challenge
Play Robot vs Zomb Robots vs Zombies

Defend the city from the invading zombies!

168,628 Challenge
Play Chisel Chisel

Cut through planets and defeat monsters!

49,400 Challenge
Play Bow Master Bow Master

Master the bow in this medieval archery game

20,556 Challenge
Play Table Tennis Celebrity Table Tennis

Take on the celebs in this realistic ping pong game!

12,830 Challenge


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