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Our Values

Miniclip's purpose is to unleash the gamer in everyone by connecting people around the world through our games. Our values help us to succeed in creating an employee culture defining everyday actions lived by Miniclippers and chosen by Miniclippers. They are an authentic reflection in the way we work and play together, the way we do business, and support our communities.

How we work together

Bringing people together through play is at the heart of Miniclip. We’re fun-loving but focused, collaborative, and friendly. Everyone is part of the Miniclip family – we are there for each other in good times and bad.

How we work for and with our customers

We’re proud to be the ‘industry outsider’. We’re comfortable bucking the trend. Our Purpose is to ‘Unleash the gamer in everyone’, so anyone can play games at any time with friends and family around the world.

Our characteristics

We don’t feel the need to follow the crowd and often been seen as the underdog in our industry. Our vision is ‘to become the world’s most popular games company’, and we aim to achieve that by straight-talking, trusted by players and respected by peers.

How we show up in the industry

We know that to grow and continue to be successful, we have to maintain all that has made us so successful so far. Developing new ways of working and looking for different approaches will help us make the most of every opportunity. By holding on to our entrepreneurial spirit and using commercial success, we can create a platform to grow and succeed sustainably.