Adobe is ending support for Flash after December 31. This means that Miniclip will no longer be able to host Super Stocktake after that date.


  • arrows Move
  • down Pick up a crate
  • down Drop a crate
  • space Throw crate

Your boss is being extra bossy today - more bossy than usual in fact - and it’s making your job that much harder. He seems to forget that you’re a monkey, and that he only pays you peanuts!

Help Chimp to earn his nuts by giving him a hand completing the brain teasing physics based puzzles. You have to collect the items the boss wants from the stock room - and he wants a lot of things. Use your superhuman monkey strength to move the massive crates and find a way to reach the items your boss needs - and maybe then he’ll stop shouting at you - and give Chimp the tasty peanuts he desires.


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  • Super Stocktake Bronze
  • Super Stocktake Silver
  • Super Stocktake Gold

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