Adobe ended support for Flash after December 31 2020. This means that Miniclip can no longer guarantee that Skywire will load and run properly after that date.


  • up Accelerate Forward
  • down Accelerate Backwards

Many people enjoy a relaxing ride in the cable car service - Sky Wire. However today some gremlins attacked and things are getting risky - this cable car is anything but relaxing.

Your role, as Sky Wire operator, is to use all the skill you can protect the tiny pixel people from the crazy mechanical menagerie as you operate the out of control cable car around the perilous courses.

It’s tempting to go as fast as possible but speed is often your enemy. Always be cautious and plan ahead. Sometimes it’s better to go slowly (or even go backwards) and wait for that giant parachuting panda to get out of the way before you move forwards.

Navigate from one end of the track to the other, avoiding the robotic frogs, the circling snakes, and the bomb dropping seagulls. The pixel peoples health and well-being rests in your hands!


There are no awards for this game!

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