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  • left mouse button Full instructions in game.

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MANAGE YOUR FANTASY ITEM SHOP Upgrade, expand and customize your shop in order to become the most prosperous across the Kingdom of Aragonia. HIRE AND TRAIN UNIQUE WORKERS Employ talented workers, unlock hidden blueprints, advance your workers' skill sets and keep your shop fully stocked with inventory. CRAFT HUNDREDS OF EPIC ITEMS Explore dozens of recipe trees, craft epic equipment, gear your heroes for combat and be the first to craft the elusive Dragon Slayer. ENLIST POWERFUL HEROES FOR QUESTS Recruit mighty heroes to raid treacherous dungeons, unlock strategic hero powers and defeat powerful bosses for epic loot. BUILD THE ULTIMATE CITY TOGETHER Team up with your friends, invest to expand your city, collaborate among yourselves and build the most prominent city together. DOMINATE THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Trade legendary items, loot and special resources with friends to help each other claim a spot on top of global rankings.


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