The Spirit Golf Association initiative in Ultimate Golf!

In partnership with the US charity The Spirit Golf Association (the “The Spirit Golf Association”), for a limited period of time, Miniclip is making available for purchase a number of The Spirit Golf Association themed in-app products (“Charity Items”) in the mobile game titled “Ultimate Golf!”, and 25% of the proceeds of the Charity Items shall be remitted to The Spirit Golf Association in accordance with the sections below. 

1.     Who are The Spirit Golf Association?

The Spirit Golf Association is a US, 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to benefiting health related causes while promoting the global goodwill of amateur golf.  Further information on The Spirit Golf Association can be found on their website located at:

2.     How much of my purchase will go to The Spirit Golf Association?

Following the purchase of a Charity Item, certain deductions may first be made which include (i) fees charged by the sales platform (i.e. Apple iTunes or Google Play); and (ii) third party billing costs, charge-backs and refunds, sales taxes, VAT and any other direct taxes.

25% of all proceeds actually received by Miniclip in the sale of the Charity Items shall be remitted to The Spirit Golf Association.

3.     What are the Charity Items?

The Charity Items will be labelled as such in Ultimate Golf! to clarify that they are part of this initiative. 

4.     How long will the Charity Items be made available in Ultimate Golf!?

It is anticipated that the Charity Items shall be available in Ultimate Golf! for a period of seven (7) days however this is subject to change.  For the avoidance of doubt, for the entire period in which the Charity Items are made available for purchase, the proceeds of such Charity Items shall continue to be remitted to The Spirit Golf Association in accordance with section 2 above.

5.     Tax Deductions

Miniclip is not a qualifying charitable organisation and you will not be entitled to any tax deductions in relation to the sale and purchase of the Charity items or for contributions made by Miniclip to The Spirit Golf Association.