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The world is in an apocalyptic state after witnessing the worst floods in human history. The remaining survivors are constantly battling with each other on the seas in the most intense, thrilling, destructive Jet Ski racing game you will ever play. All jet skis are designed differently to suit your driving needs and are equipped with machine guns, shotguns and mini guns to blow your opponent out of the water! Pay close attention to secret paths and power ups to have a chance of winning in Hydro Storm 2!


There are 10 awards in Hydro Storm 2. View All Awards

  • HydroStorm 2 I First Victory
  • HydroStorm 2 II - Loser
  • HydroStorm 2 III - Unbeatable
  • HydroStorm 2 IV - Hoarder
  • HydroStorm 2 V - Total Takedown
  • HydroStorm 2 VI - Speed Freak
  • HydroStorm 2 VII - Master Key
  • HydroStorm 2 VIII - Flying Dutchman
  • HydroStorm 2 IX - HydroStorm Chaser
  • HydroStorm 2 X - King of the Hill

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