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You start your career as the average neighborhood hero, but saving kittens and helping old ladies across the street is just the beginning!

In Hero Zero your apprentice world-savior will gain experience and fame to become a real champion of justice! Time and combat missions are waiting for you to complete and will lead you from the idyllic gardens of your hometown to the huge world waiting out there.

Of course the right outfit is the heart and soul of every hero! Your soon-to-be hero can design and equip himself. The loose cash you get from your missions allows you to unlock more and more crazy equipment for your hero.

Daily duels increase your fame and true heroes form teams with their own crests and quarters!

Hero Zero combines single- and multiplayer aspects in an accessible way and wraps everything up with beautifully crafted graphics and lots of humor. Using the chat function and the forums players come to know each other really fast.


There are no awards for this game!

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