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Focus Mode
  • left mouse button Place Vine on the side of a square

Objective: Enclose the squares and capture gems with your vines! Watch out for the skulls! Play against LIVE players in BOXO, our special version of the classic Dots and Boxes game (also known as Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Square-it, Dots and Dashes, Dots, Smart Dots, Dot Boxing, or, simply, the Dot Game).

There are 9 awards in Boxo.

  • Boxo - Win a game
  • Boxo - Win 10 games
  • Boxo - Win 100 games
  • Boxo - Win 1000 games
  • Boxo - Win with over 90% of the boxes
  • Boxo - Beat a higher level player
  • Boxo - Play game for 2 days
  • Boxo - Play game for 5 days
  • Boxo - Play game for 10 days
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