• left mouse button Click the letters to form a word.
  • keyboard Type the letters to form a word.

Letters and words are a powerful force. Wave your magic wand and conjure up the longest word you can in Anagram Magic - a magical multiplayer word game.

You will find yourself playing against friends and strangers in a magical battle to prove who is the best. Start by picking consonants and vowels and then rearrange the resulting letters to generate a word that, hopefully, is longer than your opponents.

Then - can you solve the conundrum? Each game ends with an 11 letter Anagram - are you good enough to solve it before your opponent and win the game? Practice makes perfect - and Anagram Magic needs a lot of practice!


There are 8 awards in Anagram Magic. View All Awards

  • Anagram Magic 9 Letter Words
  • Anagram Magic 40 Pointer
  • Anagram Magic Reach 1000 Points
  • Anagram Magic Conundrums 10
  • Anagram Magic Days 10
  • Anagram Magic 10 Streak
  • Anagram Magic Rank 50%
  • Anagram Magic 10 Wins

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