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To get started just click the “Play Free” button on the homepage and then customize an Athlete. Pick a server and location on the map and you’re ready to take the field! Once you’re in a room click the stars on the ground or use the world map to navigate from place to place. Register your Athlete name and password as soon as possible so you don’t lose any progress. Find games, new friends, conversations, mission and much much more.

Action AllStars is the ultimate sports paradise where kids chat with friends, play games, and explore a virtual world packed with action! Users collect points and tokens by exploring, competing at games, and completing missions. Membership is free but MVP members can use their tokens to customize the home turf and player closets with a huge collection of virtual goods endorsed by the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLB), and NFL Players Association. Action AllStars is also the place to make friends by chatting, hosting parties, and sending jabs or emotes to let them know how you feel. Let Action AllStars take your game to the next level today!


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