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Install and activate the WordPress plugin, then add the shortcode to a blog post or page, and Zombality will appear on your WordPress site.

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市面上有数之不尽的僵尸游戏,却没有一个能及 Zombality。在这个充满邪恶、危险和狡猾僵尸的疯狂小屋里保命吧!靠你的智力、手枪和锤子过关!不过要小心喔,僵尸是无情的生物,加上弹药稀缺。

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在这个充满邪恶、危险和狡猾僵尸的疯狂小屋里保命吧!快逃离这该死的 Zombality 僵尸屋!

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