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There are 4 awards in Turbo Racing 3. View All Awards

  • Hot Wheels Golden Car Award
  • Turbo Racing 3 Bronze Award
  • Turbo Racing 3 Silver Award
  • Turbo Racing 3 Gold Award

Turbo Racing 3 顶级赛车系列闯到上海街头!猛踩油门,加速进入来势汹汹的车流,同时超越速度陷阱。使用涡轮加速抛离对手,让他们吃尘,避免自己在检查点被淘汰。完成每个轨道的全部三个挑战,以解锁汽车的全新外观设置。也别忘了在赛车夺分时收集硬币!

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