• W
  • move mouse Aim
  • left mouse button Shoot
  • E
    Perform Action
  • R
  • Q
    Change weapon
  • space Quantum line

There are 3 awards in Quantum Patrol. View All Awards

  • Quantum Patrol Bronze Award
  • Quantum Patrol Silver Award
  • Quantum Patrol Gold Award

Following a catastrophic war that swept over the entire world, mankind founded a new alliance. Its sole mission? To maintain peace and order.

Now a shady syndicate is secretly building weapons in violation of everything the alliance stands for, possibly using data stolen from memory banks all over the globe.

To accomplish your mission you must remotely operate an armed robot to infiltrate their operations, hack the mainframe, recover data and escape on a waiting spaceship. Watch out for mines, turrets and sentry bots as you make your way to your objective. Upgrade your bot's armour, weapons, shields and more to become more effective in stopping the rogues from completing their weapons.



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