Sklep z grami Miniclip

Kup pełne wersje gier Miniclip na komputer PC lub Maca. Szybko i bezpiecznie!

Zagraj w grę MotherLoad


Use your digger to excavate as much ore as possible.

Zagraj w grę Flip Words

Flip Words

Click on letters to make words and solve familiar phrases.

Zagraj w grę Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Complete all 18 holes in as few strokes as possible.

Zagraj w grę Armada Tanks

Armada Tanks

Defend your military base and defeat all of your enemies!

Zagraj w grę Dino Run

Dino Run

Run for your life and escape the oncoming wall of doom and extinction!

Zagraj w grę Clash N Slash

Clash N Slash

Protect your home planet from the endless onslaught of the enemy armarda!

Zagraj w grę Fruit Smash

Fruit Smash

Smash up the fruit, using all the bonuses you can.

Zagraj w grę Aqua Energ

Aqua Energizer

Help Aqua solve the underwater puzzles by pushing the red flashing balls into energizer.

Zagraj w grę Starship Eleve

Starship Eleven

Choose from two spaceships and explore over 30 strange worlds.

Zagraj w grę Electro Air H

Electro Air Hockey

Hit the puck into your opponent's goal on the opposite side of the table to score

Zagraj w grę Bears & Be

Bears & Bees

Make as many triangles of the same colored honey as you can to feed the bear.

Zagraj w grę Garden Panic

Garden Panic

Build up your defenses and stop the incoming rodents before they eat your strawberries!

Zagraj w grę Pengu Wars

Pengu Wars

Help the brave Pengus win the war against the evil and persistent fish thieves.

Zagraj w grę Gemaica


Travel through the magical island on your pirate ship to discover the hidden gems.

Zagraj w grę RoboKill


The ship has been overrun by hostile robots and you are their only hope! Eliminate the enemies; remember to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Zagraj w grę Blox Forever

Blox Forever

Can you get your brain around matching all of the blox together to clear each level.

Zagraj w grę Cyber Mice

Cyber Mice Party

Rescue all the mice by showing them the way to the cheese.

Zagraj w grę SnowboardXS

Snowboarder XS

Score the highest number of points by collecting stars or performing tricks

Zagraj w grę Pipsoh!


Roll the dice for multiple scoring combinations as you try to get the best score.

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