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Focus Mode
  • wasd Move
  • Q
    Change weapon
  • space Use the terminals
  • move mouse Aim
  • left mouse button Shoot
  • P
    Bring up your PDA.

An overwhelming swarm of alien lifeforms have infiltrated the Haven base. Equip your weapons soldier and annihilate the alien infestation before it’s too late.

There are 13 awards in Outpost Swarm.

  • Lock Picker
  • Not afraid of the dark
  • Armed and dangerous
  • It stinks in here
  • Friends with benefits
  • Where's the light switch?
  • That looks nasty
  • Hax0r
  • You're going to get wet
  • Wow. Just wow
  • Those aren't friendly
  • Now we're cooking
  • Long live the King!
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