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Dogfight Squadron

What the game's about

This game is about flying, shooting and avoiding bullets. The better you perform, the more Dogfight Points you will earn and the more you can improve your plane. Better plane, more kills, more points! A positive circle of destruction!

Dogfight Points

Dogfight Points are earned for airtime and kills. Points are also awarded for winning games.

Your total career earnings of Dogfight Points, Lifetime Points, shows your experience in the form of a Rank, such as Major or Lieutenant.

The Dogfight Points you earn you can spend on parts and weapons available in the Hangar.


When you start out your Rank is 'Junior Airman' and your Skill is 'Average'. When you fight you earn Dogfight Points and when you've earned enough you will be promoted to 'Airman'. If you play a lot and play well, you may end up 'Master Marshal'.

Your Skill shows your form and this may go up and down, depending on how well you play. If you lose a lot, your Skill level will go down and you will be rated 'Harmless' or 'Sitting Duck'. If you win plenty and play well, you can be rated 'Deadly' or 'Elite'.

Miniclip Credits

Miniclip Credits is the premium currency of and is valid in Dogfight Squadron.

Your Miniclip Credits can be used in the Hangar to get the premium stuff - the biggest guns and best plane parts.

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Main page

The Main Page is your command room. Here you access the different parts of the game: Hangar, Ace Fight Game, Training, Pilots and the Manual.


The Hangar is where you modify, design and improve your plane.

Some parts are always available for either Dogfight Points or Miniclip Credits. Some parts require a certain Rank to be unlocked and purchased.

Every item in the Hangar has a roll-over that shows more info and stats.


Wings, engines, tails and bodies. Here you find everything you need to build a fast and sturdy plane.


The Weapons tab contains the goodies - machine guns of all shapes and sizes.


You can pick a color for each part of the plane - wings, body and tail.

On top of this, there is a big variety of decals - both stickers and paint-jobs. How about a black camouflage paint-job with a US Army Sticker? And a nice green color to start with.

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Every shot, every crash and every victory is recorded. All data ends up here in the 'Pilots' archives. Study your own stats or search for a friend. Or enemy.


Type in a pilot name and press search. Try narrowing down your search for best result. Click a name in the result list to see this pilot's stats. You can also browse the top 100 in Rank and Kills.

General Info

The General Info shows the basics about a pilot. Airtime, confirmed kills, and Dogfight Points.

Player Stats

Here you will find the pilot's career in numbers. Point at the symbols to see what they all mean.

Game Stats

Under Game Stats you will find a list of all games for the pilot. Click a game to see the report card from this particular game.

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The Game

Ace Fight

Ace fight – Fight of the flying aces. It's you against the rest, show no mercy and take no prisoners.

Shoot down five enemy planes to collect five Aces! Getting killed, crashing or bailing will decrease your Aces. You may land on any base to repair and reload.

One game lasts for 10 minutes or until one pilot have five Aces. If time runs out, one single pilot with the highest Aces score will win. No winners in a tied game.

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Team Fight

Team fight – Win by killing all enemy pilots. Destroying all parts of an enemy base will neutralize it, and prevent enemies from respawning. Land on a neutral base to capture it. Avoid killing your team mates. Land on a friendly base to repair and reload.

One game lasts for 20 minutes, or until one team has no planes in the air, and no base to start from. All members from the winning team will win.

Single Player Missions

Practice makes perfect. Training simulates the real game, but it doesn't affect your Skill and you don't earn any Dogfight Points.

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The Report Card

After a game, a Report Card is presented. The card summarizes the fight and shows what each pilot has achieved. Older report card can be viewed in the Pilots archive. The 'View' button takes you to the selected pilot's stats.

Kills How many enemies you shot down
Killed How many times you were been killed
Crashed How many times you crashed
Bailed How many times you bailed
Ace status Your Ace Status
Accuracy Your hit percentage
Winner If you win a game
Loser If you did not win
MIA Disconnected during game
AWOL Aborted game
Dogfight Points Your change in ranking
Airtime Airtime in minutes
Bases Won Neutral bases captured
Bases Lost Friendly bases lost
Parts Destroyed Enemy base part destroyed
Traitor Actions Backstabbing actions

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Although the list of controls is very long, you only need to memorize a few to start playing. The list is divided into different areas and you can see which keyboard key to press for each function.


W Throttle up/full throttle
S Throttle down/brake
A Roll left
D Roll right
UP Dive
DOWN Climb
LEFT Turn left
RIGHT Turn right
SPACE Fire primary weapon
F Fire secondary weapon

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AA Gun

W Zoom in
S Zoom out
UP Tilt Up
DOWN Tilt Down
LEFT Turn left
RIGHT Turn right
Drag Mouse Turn AA Gun

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Q Look left
E Look right
Q&E Look back
1-10 Set camera distance to Airplane
SHIFT Show nearest target
SHIFT + Q Cycle down through targets
SHIFT + E Cycle up through targets

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C Toggle Chat on/off

Toggles in-game map
world map, zoomed map, map off

N Toggles Base and Pilot Names on/off

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Rank and Skill

List of Rank levels

Junior Airman
Senior Airman
Master Airman

Am Jr
Am Sr
Am M

Junior Sergeant
Senior Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Sgt Jr
Sgt Sr
Sgt M
Junior Lieutenant
Senior Lieutenant
Master Lieutenant
Lt Jr
Lt Sr
Lt M
Junior Captain
Senior Captain
Master Captain
Cpt Jr
Cpt Sr
Cpt M
Junior Major
Senior Major
Master Major
Maj Jr
Maj Sr
Maj M
Junior Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel
Senior Lieutenant Colonel
Master Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Col Jr
Lt Col
Lt Col Sr
Lt Col M
Junior Colonel
Senior Colonel
Master Colonel
Col Jr
Col Sr
Col M
Junior Brigadier General
Brigadier General
Senior Brigadier General
Master Brigadier General
Brg Gen Jr
Brg Gen
Brg Gen Sr
Brg Gen M
Junior Major General
Major General
Senior Major General
Master Major General
Maj Gen Jr
Maj Gen
Maj Gen Sr
Maj Gen M
Junior Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General
Senior Lieutenant General
Master Lieutenant General
Lt Gen Jr
Lt Gen
Lt Gen Sr
Lt Gen M
Junior General
Senior General
Junior General
Gen Jr
Gen Sr
Gen M
Junior Marshal
Senior Marshal
Master Marshal
Mar Jr
Mar Sr
Mar M

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List of Skill levels

Sitting Duck
Below Average
Above Average

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