Focus Mode
  • left mouse button = Interact, Move, Fight, Play.

DOFUS is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game half-way between a tactical video game and an interactive cartoon.

Become a magician, a warrior or a knight... explore a huge mysterious world, create a powerful guild with friends, have epic fights against other players, discover the legend of the six mystical dragons eggs, become a lumberjack, axe smith or many more professions, raise and customize your pets... all that and so much more!

Moving around is simple, just click on the ground. You can interact with players or pieces of the decor by clicking on them too. To talk with other players, use the chat at the bottom of the page. To travel between maps: click on one of the sun-tiles present on each map.

All characters start on a floating island, the magical Incarnam where a tiny blue pet, Boon, will instruct you on the basics needed to get started.

Help and Support
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