Disc Pool

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Focus Mode
  • move mouse Aim
  • left mouse button Press and hold to shoot

Play this new, exciting version of pool! Go up against live Miniclip players or practice on your own by hitting the discs into the pockets with your pool cue!

There are 18 awards in Disc Pool.

  • Disc Pool Double Silver
  • Disc Pool Triples Gold
  • Disc Pool Clean Sweep Gold
  • Disc Pool Tournament Silver
  • Disc Pool Tournament Gold
  • Disc Pool Double Bronze
  • Disc Pool Double Gold
  • Disc Pool Triples Bronze
  • Disc Pool Triples Silver
  • Disc Pool Quads Bronze
  • Disc Pool Quads Silver
  • Disc Pool Quads Gold
  • Disc Pool Clean Sweep Bronze
  • Disc Pool Clean Sweep Silver
  • Disc Pool Tournaments Bronze
  • Disc Pool School Gold
  • Disc Pool School Silver
  • Disc Pool School Bronze
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